Hoboken Slim: CEO, drums, vocals

Played with D-Regulators, Mighty Bandini Brothers, The Zoomatics
and others.
Switched from harmonica to the “best seat in the house” to achieve a
lifelong dream. However, his harmonica playing allowed him to learn
about the early masters, a.o. Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson,
Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, etc…
Allergic to rock, disguised as blues. A bit of a “purist” and a big fan of
sincere, old school music.

W.B.: Marketing Manager, harmonica

Can we speak of a harmonica “monster” in W.B.’s case? Yes, we can!
Started off his career with The Wild Ones, went on to play with Vaya Con
Dios, Purple Prose (with Dani Klein), The Mighty Bandini Brothers, a.o.
For W.B., Little Walter is the real “King”.

B.J.: HR Manager, guitar

The “youngster” of the band.
Made his debut with 6Pack, a rock cover band and then played the guitar
in a few blues bands.
The years after that are a bit of a blur, but in 2015, B.J. started attending
blues jams again, and met Hoboken Slim at one of them.
Starting an old style bluesband together was a no-brainer.

King Norre: Financial Manager, upright bass

The “nice guy”…. A killer with a smile…
But luckily, mainly killing it on upright bass.
However, Norre started off on classical guitar, then bass guitar,
to end up with the upright bass.
Played with Midnight Snack, King’s Finest, Mojo Daemons,
Shakedown Tim & The Rhythm Revue and is still currently the
bass player with Nelly Ann, americana/country singer/songwriter.

Al C.: Facility Manager, upright bass, vocals

Guitar player, singer, bass player, driver, bar owner, drummer, roadie, to
name a few…
Is there something this man cannot do?!
Took up the upright bass especially for this band.
Played with The Boogie Men, The Blades, The Cavemen, The Zoomatics,
and others…